Once upon a time...

There was a group of wedding videographers that loved telling stories. They shared the common belief that the foundations of marriage- Commitment, Support, Communication, and Teamwork- are also the foundations of videography. The videographers delivered awesome cinematic films & their customers lived happily ever after.

We tell your story through high quality video, so you never miss a moment. Make the happiest day of your life every day with Perfect Pears.

Back in the day...

Quality video equipment was only available to motion picture studios. For everyone else, cameras were expensive, computers were slow, and quality was nowhere to be found. Today, Perfect Pears uses the latest software and cutting edge cameras because we believe that the magic is in the details.

The HDSLR revolution

This camera helps us deliver high-end video at low costs with the newest capabilities of DSLR cameras shooting perfect video in 1080p HD Film.

Make your big day as special as it can be.